Long Island City Residence

Build Out Time ————— 4 Weeks

Residential Build Out

Long Island City, NY
March 2021

About the Project

The room was closed off in several areas, with a large foyer that separated the entire space. We removed all of the partition walls and created a new location for the stairs to make the space look bigger and more inviting.

This Project Involved






The result is a dramatic, modern, open-space experience with spectacular accented ceilings and beautifully detailed wrought iron railings.

For the basement, once the mold was removed, we installed a sump pump and built an efficient exterior drainage system to ensure the basement would never flood again. We increased the height of the basement from 5 feet to a comfortable 8 feet. To achieve this we had to add a solid foundation below ground level to support and strengthen the structure (a process known as unpinning). This project was a successful collaboration between our design, structural engineer and architect, creating a more inviting, modern aesthetic with earthtones to create a warm and cozy ambiance.

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